Musiq “Alphabet”

19 03 2011

So I’ve heard songs like this before where an artist goes down the alphabet (I.E. Papoose) but Musiq’s version is very nice. Listen and Download HERE


Lupe Fiasco “All Black Everything”

24 02 2011

Best DREAM ever told DOWNLOAD and LISTEN HERE!!!!

Nikko Gray

3 02 2011

Since I heard “Chemical Reaction” back in 2010 around this time I’ve been a supporter of Nikko Gray.  Her wordplay is like nothing I’ve ever heard. The cliche saying she “thinks outside the box” would go perfectly but because I dont believe we were ever put in a box to begin with I’ll just say her thoughts are definitely her own. Listening to her latest track “Beautiful You Are”  I appreciate her mind. She has music and writing down to a [SCIENCE].

How many remember having to do a science fair project?

Step 1. Observation: Since 2010 Nikko Gray has had my attention. Her style and creativity is true to who she is.

Step 2. Question: Will she be a houshold name one day? Can her style be duplicated?

Step 3. Hypothesis: Her gift will be recognize by plenty. I don’t believe her style can be duplicated.

Step 4. Method: I once heard Lauryn Hill say you can’t create unless you’ve experienced or been through something. Nikko Gray story is told in somewhat of an abstract way.  You have to use a little imagination to figure out the analytical point being made.

Step 5. Result: The result is Amazing.Dope Music.

Step 6. Conclusion: She’s one of the best thinkers, singers, and songwriters we have in this world.

…Food For the Soul Series

29 01 2011

….Coming this February

Madame Sabrosa

28 01 2011

Durham, NC is nicknamed the “Bull City” and I would suggest people move out the way and make room Madame Sabrosa coming through. INCREDIBLE female artist out of Durham, her music is tough, aggressive, and real. It’s something about a girl with thick skin, not afraid to speak their mind, and be who they are. In a world of robots I respect those that still have a mind and a voice of their own. The first time I heard of Madame Sabrosa was early in the Summer of 2010 and I came across this video…

Madame Sabrosa has a very unique flow and style. This EmCee/Poet understands the art of music. A story is clearly told in every song. You learn more and more about what she has been through, going through, and has overcome. One word to describe her music is Picturesque. For a music artist to be able to paint a picture in the hearts, souls, and mind of others, it can’t be called nothing but a GIFT. She’s gifted. She’s dope. and her music speaks for itself.

…let the BEAT build

28 01 2011

I’ve listen to many producers and/or beat-makers (whatever you choose to call them) but the more instrumentals and beats you start to listen to the more it begans to sound the same, but every now and then someone brilliant comes along with a new style, a new sound, and a new approach on music.

Meet Nathan Peters aka SinitusTempo . I’ve been hip to Sinitus Tempo since The Vinyl Proxy 1965 project he did along with Obii Say (I still listen to “Same Ol Thing”). I tell people all the time it’s important to know and understand your history and where you have came from. I respect Sinitus Tempo music because its clear he understands the history of Hip-Hop and the history of music [period]. He combines many old school sounds with a lot of new school flava creating music simply for the soul.

I preach all the time “People need to stop just listening to the beat and listen to whats being said.” However, Sinitus Tempo instrumentals and beats tell a story all on its on. Any artist that is blessed with one of his beats has a challenge ahead of them (respect to Obii Say and the many others that have jump on one of SInitus Tempo’s beats). Its a challenge because even somebody like me, who enjoys listening and trying to figure out the message that an EmCee is trying to convey, I get lost in just listening to one of Tempo’s beats.

If I had to describe his music in one word it would most definitely be RICH (I know ya prolly thought I was gonna say #dope lol). Im ready for Soul Eater EP to drop. I know it’s going to be different and unique. In a society where so many think and act alike a little diversity is just what we need. Check out the promo for Soul Eater EP

…show your love for Jason Reynolds

6 12 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen coming next to the stage is an extremely talented poet. He has been on the same stage as Black Ice of Death Poetry and Nikki Giovanni [to name just a few]. His poetry touches the soul, embraces the heart, and captivates the mind. I had the pleasure to see Jason LIVE. Long story short he came up to my high school back in 07 or 08 and did a couple pieces for my class (quick shoutout to one on the best teachers Jamal Crowder). His poetry is truly a GIFT sent from God. He’s also an author. He has 3 books, Let Me Speak, Jacob’s Ladder and Self . He’s apart of an artistic collaborative duo Reynolds & Griffin, who together combine Poetry and Painting and have released a couple works “SELF” and “My Name is Jason. Mine Too.” (which I own and it should come as no surprise…its #DOPE) They also have a new book project they’re working on and need your SUPPORT [click HERE for more info]. Please show your love for Mr…… Jason Reynolds.

For More Info visit the website

Follow him on TWITTER  JasonReynolds83