Nikko Gray

3 02 2011

Since I heard “Chemical Reaction” back in 2010 around this time I’ve been a supporter of Nikko Gray.  Her wordplay is like nothing I’ve ever heard. The cliche saying she “thinks outside the box” would go perfectly but because I dont believe we were ever put in a box to begin with I’ll just say her thoughts are definitely her own. Listening to her latest track “Beautiful You Are”  I appreciate her mind. She has music and writing down to a [SCIENCE].

How many remember having to do a science fair project?

Step 1. Observation: Since 2010 Nikko Gray has had my attention. Her style and creativity is true to who she is.

Step 2. Question: Will she be a houshold name one day? Can her style be duplicated?

Step 3. Hypothesis: Her gift will be recognize by plenty. I don’t believe her style can be duplicated.

Step 4. Method: I once heard Lauryn Hill say you can’t create unless you’ve experienced or been through something. Nikko Gray story is told in somewhat of an abstract way.  You have to use a little imagination to figure out the analytical point being made.

Step 5. Result: The result is Amazing.Dope Music.

Step 6. Conclusion: She’s one of the best thinkers, singers, and songwriters we have in this world.



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