Madame Sabrosa

28 01 2011

Durham, NC is nicknamed the “Bull City” and I would suggest people move out the way and make room Madame Sabrosa coming through. INCREDIBLE female artist out of Durham, her music is tough, aggressive, and real. It’s something about a girl with thick skin, not afraid to speak their mind, and be who they are. In a world of robots I respect those that still have a mind and a voice of their own. The first time I heard of Madame Sabrosa was early in the Summer of 2010 and I came across this video…

Madame Sabrosa has a very unique flow and style. This EmCee/Poet understands the art of music. A story is clearly told in every song. You learn more and more about what she has been through, going through, and has overcome. One word to describe her music is Picturesque. For a music artist to be able to paint a picture in the hearts, souls, and mind of others, it can’t be called nothing but a GIFT. She’s gifted. She’s dope. and her music speaks for itself.



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