…let the BEAT build

28 01 2011

I’ve listen to many producers and/or beat-makers (whatever you choose to call them) but the more instrumentals and beats you start to listen to the more it begans to sound the same, but every now and then someone brilliant comes along with a new style, a new sound, and a new approach on music.

Meet Nathan Peters aka SinitusTempo . I’ve been hip to Sinitus Tempo since The Vinyl Proxy 1965 project he did along with Obii Say (I still listen to “Same Ol Thing”). I tell people all the time it’s important to know and understand your history and where you have came from. I respect Sinitus Tempo music because its clear he understands the history of Hip-Hop and the history of music [period]. He combines many old school sounds with a lot of new school flava creating music simply for the soul.

I preach all the time “People need to stop just listening to the beat and listen to whats being said.” However, Sinitus Tempo instrumentals and beats tell a story all on its on. Any artist that is blessed with one of his beats has a challenge ahead of them (respect to Obii Say and the many others that have jump on one of SInitus Tempo’s beats). Its a challenge because even somebody like me, who enjoys listening and trying to figure out the message that an EmCee is trying to convey, I get lost in just listening to one of Tempo’s beats.

If I had to describe his music in one word it would most definitely be RICH (I know ya prolly thought I was gonna say #dope lol). Im ready for Soul Eater EP to drop. I know it’s going to be different and unique. In a society where so many think and act alike a little diversity is just what we need. Check out the promo for Soul Eater EP



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