2.1.11 The DogHouse

21 01 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to the Doghouse.

Let me introduce you to Darren Hanible. This young EmCee out of the DMV mite be the next Blow Up. He’s truly in his Own Zone. His music will have you feeling like you’re on another planet. GONE. like you’ve Takin Off with no intention on Comin Back until the song is completely over [and shyt even then you Mite Not Be coming back].

Why? cause his music takes you to another level. It gives some Closure to that pain you’ve experienced in your life. All of the Scars and things you have been through you forget about. Yea, life is tough, but his music makes you feel like Life is Like a Weekend and you can face any challenge with ease.

When people talk shyt just ask em “WaddayaSay”?? See its hard for us to understand immaturity cause we too busy Takin Care of Business. Just a Thought. Say Hello to your haters. Yea they say some Obnoxious things, but we gotta Be Like Kanye [“We dont care what people say”]. Understand can’t anybody or anything stop you from doing what it is YOU want to do.

This mixtape is complete from start to finish. Many different styles, sounds, melodies and flows. Some of my favorites [in no particular order]

– [Imagine Outkast and Wale doing a track together with some help from Kanye West]  The beat is RIDICULOUS. Combine it with a nice catchy and clean hook and a couple verses filled with substance you have a winning track.

“Blow Up”
– I think J.Cole would even have to admit this track rocks. Hanible lyrically destroys the beat for 3:29. Example: “Dropping 16’s like 9 2 5 cause I can never see me with a 9 to 5.”

“Be Like Kanye”
– MOST of us have role models and people we look up too. The problem is we try to imitate instead of watching what they do and then taking their blueprint and creating something fresh and new. This is another dope track. Its amazing to see how music can inspire and create.

These are just 3 tracks on Darren Hanible’s The Doghouse mixtape. I could go through all of em (but I know how ya are. Short.Sweet.And to the point) #ImHip lol GET READY 2.1.11 Darren Hanible presents “The Doghouse” #GetHip or Die.

FYE [For Your Enjoyment] CHECK OUT “Comin’ Back” (prod. Johnny Juliano) (3rd Single) DOWNLOAD HERE

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21 01 2011
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