This is just an introduction….

20 01 2011

How many of ya remember this…

Now this is just an introduction before she blows your mind.
Her flow is all of that and yes she do it all the time.
So sit your booty on the floor or in a chair
Ground or in the air
Just don’t go no where
’cause everything she do. It’s all of that!
She entertaining you. She all of that
InWords is her crew. they all of that!
So sit still ’cause the 90s is backkkk

DevDapree 90s Flow mixtape is [as i LOVE to say] simple DOPE. Everytime I get on Twitter I see at least ONE 90s tweet. Somebody is always talking about what they USE to do, things they USE to wear, shows they USE to watch. It’s clear that this past decade things just haven’t been the same. From the music we listen to to the shows we watch to what we wear. But lately as you look around you start to see more of the 90s and 80s coming back. Whether it be snapbacks or re-releases of sneakers that came out in that time. Even television networks like TVone are hip to the trend. Their PRIMETIME line-up (8pm-10pm) are all shows that came on in the 90s. DevDapree takes you ALL the way back to the good ol Hide-n-go seek, ice-cream truck, Notorius B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, Big Pun, Lil Kim days. She takes you back to when life just seemed to be a little bit easier and chill. 90s Flow is DREAM, and when you wake up you’re gonna want to have that dream over and over and over again.


Check out DevDapree’s website

Follow her on TWITTER @DevDapree



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