Jessica Betts

12 12 2010

Most people know her as “that girl that won Missy Show.” I see her as more than that. Jessica Betts is an UNBELIEVABLE artist. A TRUE artist who paints pictures most people probably couldn’t dream of. Her voice is literally next to NONE. Yea Yea I know there are many gifted singers out there, but when you combine her heart, her soul, her mind, and her voice, trust me its something you’ve never felt before. Notice I said something you’ve never FELT. Her voice does something to soul.

I personally wish Jessica nothing but the BEST in the future. I’ve been saying for the longest now 2011 will be the Rebirth of Music. Names people aren’t to familiar with will become household names, not because they decided to do a dance song or just another non-substance track, but because what they sing, what they rap, and how they sing it and rap it will convict the heart, soul, and mind.

This song “Why Me”  got me through a lot.


Follow her on TWITTER @JessicaBetts




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