…show your love for Jason Reynolds

6 12 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen coming next to the stage is an extremely talented poet. He has been on the same stage as Black Ice of Death Poetry and Nikki Giovanni [to name just a few]. His poetry touches the soul, embraces the heart, and captivates the mind. I had the pleasure to see Jason LIVE. Long story short he came up to my high school back in 07 or 08 and did a couple pieces for my class (quick shoutout to one on the best teachers Jamal Crowder). His poetry is truly a GIFT sent from God. He’s also an author. He has 3 books, Let Me Speak, Jacob’s Ladder and Self . He’s apart of an artistic collaborative duo Reynolds & Griffin, who together combine Poetry and Painting and have released a couple works “SELF” and “My Name is Jason. Mine Too.” (which I own and it should come as no surprise…its #DOPE) They also have a new book project they’re working on and need your SUPPORT [click HERE for more info]. Please show your love for Mr…… Jason Reynolds.

For More Info visit the website increase-decrease.com

Follow him on TWITTER  JasonReynolds83



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