…check in the Lost & Found

6 12 2010

ey Excuse me… but it seems Hip-Hop has lost something. Not sure what but its just not sounding the same now-a-days, and its been lost for some time now so if you can’t find it I understand but I’m not losing faith. I know its somebody out there that can help me find it. Have you seen it? Have you heard it? If so can you let me know where I can find it? I’ve looked everywhere and I’ve come REAL close. Any Suggestions?………Check where? ……the Lost & Found?….Ok, and ask for who?….. Jeff Donna? Cool, Thanks.

Since I got hip to Jeff Donna music I’ve been waiting for this day. Today “Lost and Found 2” drops and I guarantee it wont be a disappointment. Talented artist hailing from Queens, New York Jeff Donna might have what the games been missing. Lost & Found Pt.1 (Download and Listen HERE) was simply brilliant music. We all have something MEANINGFUL to say because we have all been through something in our life (good and bad). Thank God some artist find it necessary to still share their life stories and encourage the world to follow THEIR dreams and not the dreams of somebody else. Yes, there’s a place for the club and dance songs, but the state the world is in we have to begin to elevate our minds.  If God wanted us to be ROBOTS and do what everybody else doing He would have created us without a brain, without a mind, without heart, without a soul. #Respect to Jeff Donna and the ENTIRE #KOG [Kings of Genre] Family. DOWNLOAD THE NEW MIXTAPE “LOST AND FOUND 2”  HERE

For More Info visit KOG website and KOG Twitter

Follow him on TWITTER @JeffDonna and on Facebook



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