…one day in June

3 12 2010

Once upon a time…

it was a hot day in June. I was at High Point High School gym with my high school team, Bishop McNamara, getting ready to take on Springbrook in a Rock Summer League matchup. Long story short, we won the game but about 80% of Springbrooks points came from their point guard, a kid name CJ Garner. Unquestionably a talented ball player, but who knew his gifts and talents extended way beyond the court.

June G. ….well…..basically does it all. Gifted rapper, business man, and in my eyes the next super producer. Shows? he’s done that. #1 beats on soundclick? yea done that too. Has he made a banger/hit? I think everybody should know “Where the Money at” by now. You have to respect a mans grind and his hustle, and you gotta stay hip to the moves being made. He has teamed up with up and coming video director Dro Victorious, who together have made some real dope videos.  Right now he may literally be in a world of his own. And ya already know I respect when people what? Do their own thing their own way and most importantly don’t care what anyone has to say. #Respect to the entire Team Juniors World fam.

The End

Follow EVERY Twitter @AyeJune @TJWpromo TJWnation

Check out his Official Blog and June Beatz

Download “Where The Money At” HERE



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