Why Not Nando?

2 12 2010


HOLD UP! hoooooold up! Before you even start reading this Download The Carryout 2 Nike Nando’s latest mixtape.

[Ok back to your regularly scheduled featured]

Slowly but surely DMV artist making they’re way on the national scene. I know you’ve all heard of the Wale’s and Bonney’s but DMG [Delorean Music Group] might have the Next Emcee in line, Nike Nando. Shyt. Why not Nando? If I could describe his music I would say “Superior and of High Class.” One of the BIGGEST continuos problems in the city has been #support. I know I know everybody and their grandmother are rappers now. EVERYBODY wanna be in the entertainment business. EVERYBODY wanna be successful, but what most people don’t understand is in order to GET you have to GIVE. If you wanna get the support from your city and eventually the world you have to give support. Nike Nando definitely one to support. Ya know i only talk about artist with Quality and Substance. [SIDE NOTE: if you’re from the DMV making low-quality non-substance KEEP WORKING].

Nando has performed all throughout the city. Different clubs.lounges.open mics.colleges/universities. He’s been there, and its time for that next step. Make sure you check out his latest released “What’s My Name” Remix featured on alldmvhiphop.com

Follow him on TWITTER @NikeNando and on Facebook

For More info whynotnando.com and Nike Nando Bandcamp



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