DURKL (DMV Fashion Series Part 6)

2 12 2010


’05? What was happenin in 2005?…O! Kanye released “Late Registration” ummmm? O isn’t this wild, the Jordan 13’s were re-released that year…… R.I.P. Pope John Paul II died in ’05…..ummm The only other thing I could think of that was of some importance in ’05 was the establishment of DURKL, the street/sportswear brand that has been a great representation of what DC fashion is all about. DURKL is very unique, and their uniqueness has been embraced by people [not just here in DC] but literally around the world. DURKL brings this modern flava to a classic style. They bring a chill yet dope feel to the fashion world.

Picture this: your in a real real real crazy world and everything is going on. Babies crying, Music blasting, People talking and laughing LOUD, etc. You want to get away from it all so you slide on one of DURKL’s Frontside jackets and  maybe one of their “Upstate Beanies” and immediately all the noise is mute. Your in your own world. Doin your own thing. Coolin. Living Good. Don’t know why but thats what I think and feel when I see DURKL.

They also have PRIDE in who they are and where they’re from “…Be proud of where you live and where you are. Be a part of your city and put your hand in to help it.” [Will Sharp, DURKL]

For more info check out their website durkl.com

Follow them on TWITTER @DURKL and Facebook



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