Where Does Fashion Meet Innovation? (DMV Fashion Series Part 5)

1 12 2010


Let me introduce to SOME Marc Clark. You know the Teens Count School Fashion Battle? or wait have you ever heard of these names before  Hold on go down the list with me real quick; lets see we have:
Mariah Carey
Teyana Taylor
Angela Simmons
Vanessa Simmons
Estelle (you know “American Boy” ft. Kanye on the track)
Ok, I think I’m done? What do all these celebs have in common you ask? WELL they’ve all been seen rocking something by Marc Clark, who also help start the Teen Count Fashion Battle in PG. Marc C Bow Tie Broch has been a success story that should be told around the world. It’s another example of a person following their heart, not caring what ANYBODY thinks or what they have to say, and doing your OWN thing your OWN way the way YOU dreamt it. His message is very concrete, “With anything you do, make sure you are doing it because you have a passion for it.  I wasn’t looking for fame or instant success.  Quick success dies fast.” Not only is his broch game on point but he also does t-shirts and his sunglasses SIMPLY DOPE.

For More Info check out his website MarcClark.com

Follow him on TWITTER @TheRealMarcC



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