Darren Hanible. #itssimple

1 12 2010

First words that comes to mind when saying Darren Hanible? Hip-Hop. Dope. EmCee. Student. Artist. Producer.

If you don’t know Darren Hanible get to know him, an incredible artist from [where else] the DMV. It’s nothing better for me then to see an underground artist hungry and humble. Not only that but QUALITY is everything. A lot of times we see artist who are hungry but not hungry enough (quality on their tracks sound suspect or they rappin about who knows what). Hanibel not only brings Quality music but adds Substance in his tracks which to me makes for a DOPE track. Maybe one of his biggest projects yet will be release Jan 2011 Darren Hanible Presents: “The DogHouse EP” #TeamDogHouse. The 3rd single was just released titled “Comin Back” [Download Here ]. Don’t worry its just another banger. If you don’t do ANYTHING else PLEASE check this VIDEO out. #SUPPORT good music.

Follow him on TWITTER @darrenhanible and on Facebook

For More info check Hanible out on BandCamp



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