Glow In The Dark

30 11 2010

Lately I’ve been receiving a lot of text msgs from family (my friends are my family) and it seems like everybody is just going thru right now. Right when we are on top is seems like the rug is pulled right from under us and we right back at rock bottom. Well, like I told them imma (yes IMMA aka I’m going) tell you Glow In The Dark.

The most important thing in life is Balance. So expect those bad and dark days to come. BUT remember the darker things become the brighter you shine. I know as a kid when I seen something glow in the dark I was AMAZED, and it’s crazy because most kids are afraid of the dark but if you give them something that will glow in the dark they wont mind all the lights going out. My advice to you today is no matter how bad things get just know its for the good. God is just preparing you for something great but you have to show him that you can Glow in the Dark.




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