all BLACK everything (DMV Fashion Series Part 4)

30 11 2010

BLACK Collection

Circa 2005, two MASTERminds Reggie Black and Dylan Chase started BLACK Collection, lets see what they have to say about themselves:

“BLACK Collection is not a brand to mistaken as a trend; we are exclusively a brand for the ‘Individual’. Founded in the Nation’s Capital, BLACK Collection is dedicated to creating their own genre of fashion. BLACK Collection strives to coin their own direction ‘Classic Innovation’..Our passion is to be the brand of choice for those that appreciate fashion that speaks for itself through personality driven designs. Don’t take the name Black Collection literally, our products are vibrant in color but yet they exude a sense of artistic moderation.”

With a statement like that it’s clear to see that one, they’re passionate about what they do, and two, they love what they do. If you have a passion and love for something [and get to make money doing it] why not do it? I applaud these brothers for following their dream(s) and not letting anyone stop them from being their own person, their own “Individual.” BLACK is beautiful.

For More Info check out their Website

Follow them on Twitter @BlackCollection and on Facebook



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