DoYou Clothing Co. (DMV Fashion Series Part 3)

29 11 2010

DC’s own Isaiah Butler started something in 2003 that has been put into pretty much a league of its own. Seven (the number that represents completion) years later DoYou Clothing has been featured on and (Legends.Icons.Role Models). They have teamed up with Positive Controversy for a nation wide anti-domestic violence campaign and much more. What has separated DoYou  from a lot of the competition is the QUALITY. Its says a lot about a company when they take time out to make sure the quality of their product is GRADE A. Their logo is #dope and the slogan that goes with the logo is even more #dope ” You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To DOYOU! Clothing with Confidence! ” They’re providing what a lot of people are missing in todays world SELF-CONFIDENCE. One of the best ways to show who YOU are is through what you wear.

For more info visit DoYou Clothing Website

Follow them on Twitter @DOYOU_CLOTHING



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