27 11 2010

So many people in my city doing there own thing whether it be music, fashion, poetry, whatever. Figured I’d take the time out to show some love to the Fashion World here in the DMV. The music scene gets talked about a lot but the Fashion [not so much]

Marijuana && Bullshit

“…Marijuana represents things in life that you want and doing what you want to do in regards to basic good or wrong morals. Bullshit represents the things and people in life that want to hold you back from your happiness just so you can conform to do things just like everyone else. M&&B represents the culture, not the product. The lifestyle includes individuality, not sacrificing your happiness, and the true dreamers with real plans to make dreams to reality. So here at M&&B, self expression is expected and nothing less.”

Make sure you check out there online store and support M&&B (just click on the photo above)

Follow Them on TWITTER @mandbclothing




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